What's in this 5 day email course?

💜 5 meaningful and straightforward lessons for taking charge of your self-care

💜 Daily to-do lists with clear action steps for each lesson

💜 Printable worksheets to help guide you through lessons with ease

...and much more!

Who's Sara?

I'm a self-discovery blogger who strives to help young adults find confidence, clarity and passion in order to discover and live their dream lives!

I love to focus on career, self-care, and overall personal development that you navigate through life as a twenty-something young adult.

I currently live in Southern California, I have an adorable cat named Mochi, and love Disney!

I created this course to simply help others learn how to prioritize self-care while balancing their busy lives as young adults.

I am NOT trying to sell you something at the end of this course. This is simply an ecourse to help you learn more about yourself and get started with your journey with self-care.

Please note: I am not a certified mental health professional. I'm just a blogger with a passion for helping others and personal experience with anxiety and self-care. I want to share my experience and advice to help those who aren't quite sure how to make themselves and their self-care a priority. 💜

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at admin@sara-katherine.com, or contact me on one of my social media channels below!